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What Features Should a Good Wireless Scanner App Have?

User reviews about Wifi Radar Review. Like Acrylic WiFi, it also has a monitor or promiscuous mode to capture more traffic.

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Its GUI has an older, simplistic look and feel. It has an old-style toolbar on the top with icons to bring up different utilities. The main portion of the application is tabbed; clicking the tabs shows the different utilities. The Wireless tab is where the Wi-Fi stumbler resides. In addition to the typical SSID and signal info, it shows a list of and details for the connected clients. Most of status and data captured can be exported into a simple text file.


Due to lacking graphs and inability to distinguish But it certainly would be useful when performing penetration testing. Ekahau HeatMapper is a free map-based site survey tool for home-use, a slimmed down version of their professional product. It shows similar network details as a Wi-Fi stumbler, but also generates a heatmap of the Wi-Fi so you can visualize the signal levels. Version 1. The app offers the option to create a floorplan or layout of the building being surveyed or a grid layout for a rough guideline.

It includes the main network details, but lacks the signal levels in dBm and percentage values. It only shows signal bars on the list. The app shows Like other map-based survey tools, you click your location on the map as you walk around the building so it can generate the heatmap. It will automatically estimate access point AP locations and place them onto the map. After it captures some data, hovering over the AP icons shows their individual coverages.

WiFi Radar Pro 2.3.1

When hovering over the heatmap areas, it shows a tooltip pop-up with the signal level range in negative dBm values. The only export or saving functionality of the app is taking a simple screenshot of the heatmap. Though it lacks any advanced features, it could be used for small networks or to give an idea of how these map-based tools work. Homedale is a relatively simple and portable Windows-based stumbler with an optional command-line interface.

Other than showing basic network and signal details, it supports GPS and other geolocation detection. This is a review of version 1. This utility has a simple GUI that resembles more of a multi-tabbed dialog box than a full application. The Access Points tab shows many essential details. One feature we liked allows saving notes to individual SSIDs, which are then included in any data exports. The Frequency Usage tab displays channel visualizations for the 2. They do the job of showing channel usage including channel-bonding and signal strength, but it would be nice if they had a single view of the entire 5GHz band instead of dividing it into four different graphs.

Wi-Fi Scanner Tool is Native in Mac OS X, Here’s How to Use it

For a free application, Homedale offers great exporting capabilities. It supports saving the network list as a CSV, logging networks from every scan useful if moving while scanning , and saving an image of each graph. Mike: Hold down your option key and click on the wifi icon in your menubar. When the app opens up, ignore the dialog and look at the options under the Window menu.

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Just like lucky said. I Also got my wireless adapter stuck in monitoring mode and have no fucking clue how to get it back to normal… Someone please help me!?!?! MUCH better Data..

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I prefer the rev. Can the new wifi-diagnostic tool in Mountain Lion OS helps me to monitor the traffic flow? Download wireshark and X Be sure you set it to open with wireshark or else it will open with text edit.

Download Easy WIFI Radar - free - latest version

I played with this utility and I got my Wi-Fi card stuck in monitoring mode. How can I turn this off? Very nice utility. I previously used iStumbler for this. I guess the WiFi menubar applet uses the same framework to find networks as the Network Utilities app. I also find it interesting that Apple is hiding all the powerful tools in the CoreServices folder rather than Utilities these days, anything to make of that or just Apple hiding clutter from novices? Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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