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Monster Buster P1X3L-net 2. Cosmic Ark Max Hall 9. Linus vs.

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Presentationally I felt this was the best game of the entries and I really enjoyed playing it. Sometimes this genre encourages sub-par implementations but this is pretty much top-notch. Plus I like the apparent thematic continuity from their previous game Space Lords.

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The only thing missing is panic mode i. But considering that it fits into a 16KB cartridge, that can easily be forgiven. Instant classic. As a fan of the Puzzle Bobble series of games, this entry caught my attention immediately. While the aiming can be a little tricky, the game-play is solid and the music enjoyable.

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Also I would like to mention as a colour blind individual, the chunky and instantly recognizable sprites made game-play a joy and never did I have to take a guess or chance a shot. Super-smooth graphics, great music and addictive gameplay, with lots of nice touches to be found everywhere. Paddle control in particular makes this a great version to play. Joystick is not bad either, but with paddles, the precision of movement is top notch! The artstyle is cute and colourful, with charming character design on the small monsters and it is nice to have a full screen presentation with in-game graphics in the border.

Sometimes placement of the shot can be a bit hard to make out, but once I got the hang of things it became a non-issue. Monster Buster I think has managed to nail it properly, being a superb clone of the classic Taito puzzler.

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The presentation is one of the best of the competition, with a superb title screen and set of instructions. I like the use of the borders to provide a water reflection too. Purchased Remo media version for my computer repair company. I just used the Professional Version for MAC to recover pictures that were lost from a professional photo shoot.

The images were recovered and that saved us countless hours of work and a bad reputation and I cannot thank you enough! That is a great product and it is so easy to use! Due to the nature of the damage software was required to actually scan and recreate the files from the data and not from the directory tree.

Remo Software did this job admirable Alle anderen marken anerkannt.

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