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AZW file extension. Calibre has been updated to handle an unencrypted KFX file but the Apprentice Alf decrypter addon does not work yet. Apprentice Alf gives identical error messages to your software so I suppose you are using the same open source decrypting code. I will check back periodically for an update but as of this time I cannot use your product and have uninstalled it.

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When there is an update available I will reinstall it and hope that a new 30 day trial is available. I purchased an ebook via amazon but don't own a kindle and wanted to have it in pdf format.

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Since the kindle app is horrific and barely usable. Will there be an update soon or eventually to epubor ultimate so that we don't have to go through these additional steps? I purchased this program to be able to convert and remove DRM almost with one click, not to have to go through this additional process. If an update to take care of this is not in the works, I suggest that you make it clear that the program will not work with the newer KFX Kindle format so that buyers aren't misled into thinking that this will work for them as advertised and that there are additional steps they will need to go through.

I am a satisfied user of epubor ultimate so far but I do hope that an update will be made ready soon. I'm not angry about this as these things happen, but I believe that you should be working on a solution to this that doesn't require the additional steps. To transfer Non-Amazon books to Kindle Android apps, please convert the books to Mobi format at first.

Then please follow the following steps: 1. Connect your Android tablet, 2, Go to the "Kindle" folder of your Android device storage.

Copy and paste the MOBI books to that folder, 3, Tap the menu icon in the top right corner of Kindle app, then select "On Device" to check the transferred books. If your Kindle firmware is still not updated to 5. Please downgrade to v1. Kindle for PC v1. Hey Bob, I was having similar issues to what you are experiencing. But I finally got around it by: 1 Navigated to the "My Kindle Content" folder and deleted all the files there. This is all very well but very soon I fear Amazon will force an upgrade to v 1.

Epubor will keep updating the software to remove the latest version of Amazon DRM. And the fact proves that we are the first and best eBook DRM removal developer.

Dear epubor, Will there be an update soon or eventually to epubor ultimate so that we don't have to go through these additional steps? Thanks so far for making a great product. Donald lifetime licensed user. Thanks for your advice. We are always trying to update our software to omit these steps. But it takes time. Once we have made progress, we will inform our consumers. Best regards!

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What about free trial? I want to try before to purcase For the free trial, you just have to download it and try it! It will work smoothly. WIll it be possible to convert KFX directly to epub or mobi in few years? You are welcome to download our trial version to have a free trial. So i downloaded and installed the kindle from the link provided and amazon asked me to verify my account using an OTP.

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Surprisingly the OTP was sent by my bank. So not sure what exactly happened. Thank you for your comments. For the one time passwords, it never should be related to your bank account but your amazon registered email. Please check this email to get the one time passwords. Subscribe Submit.

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Considero que es algo de lo que todos esperabamos, ademas tiene lo que toda persona necesita. Pros: Bueno, es que lee todo acepta todo y es muy rapido. Muy bueno. Muy bueno es recomendable. What do you think about Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader? Do you recommend it? Navega con Brave. Kindle Kindle: la mayor tienda online de libros del mundo. Descargar Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader 2.