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If you can't find an IP address of a network printer from the menu display or your printer is connected to a printer server with no display, you may find its address from any networked computer configured to use the printer.

Where can I find the IP addresses of my computer and the printer? | Brother

To find the printer IP address from a Windows machine, perform the following. The router displays all host machines that are assigned dynamic IP addresses.

You may also try pinging your network from a computer connected to the network, and lookup an arp table. Type " ipconfig " to find your network address. The network address is found by performing a logical AND operation on your IP address and the subnet mask.

Using Multiple IP addresses on Mac OS X

For example, if you IP is Ping your network using a broadcast address, i. Step 2 Enter "netstat -r" at the command prompt and hit "Enter. Step 3 Scroll through the list of devices and locate the IP address associated with your printer.

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The address will be in a series of four numbers separated by dots, for example: Step 1 Open a terminal window from the desktop menu. Step 1 Click the "Go" menu in the "Finder. Step 2 Click on the "Utilities" window to open.

If the printer returns data packets, the ping is successful. Find your printer's IP address or network name. Alternatively, find the name you gave the printer during installation.

How to Find a Printer's IP Address

A printed test page typically displays these. Click the "Stop" button to stop pinging after a several seconds. The ping command continues until you stop it. Diagnostic information appears on the screen, including the number of packets dropped, meaning those not received by the printer. If all the packets dropped, then the printer is offline.