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It can be in a different location, but I am trying to make this a s simple as possible. Now we can proceed to configuring the prefs and creating a disk image that will serve as the Mac OS harddisk. I will describe each tab and what to do in it. You can ignore items that I do not mention.

Still can't get OS installer to start

Volumes - In the box after "Unix Root" you will need to enter the path to the shared folder in your SheepShaver folder. Click "Create You will find a navigation dialog that looks different to what you are used to. At the left you see the directories folders , at the right you see the files that are inside the open directory. You can also see all the directories and files that are normally hidden. Depending on the available space on your actual hardware disk and on the intended use of your MacOS virtual Mac, I suggest you choose to make it or Click "OK".

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If everything has gone well, you will now see the path to the newly created file in the box at the top of the Volumes tab. It should of course be less than the actual hardware memory available on your iMac. Insert the MacOS 8. SheepShaver will launch and will boot from the CD. Halfway the process it will discover the new disk the image you created that needs to be initialized. When the installation is finished, you can stop the installer and choose "Restart" from the Special menu.

The Configuration assistant may stall at some point while looking for network.

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If it takes too long and if you know how to configure MacOS manually, simply stop the assistant. Additional information. Why make it so difficult to get a ROM file? This is a legal matter. You are supposed to own a ROM file only when you own a Mac that has it built in or has it installed or that can use the update. Distributing, posting, exchanging the ROM files is illegal.

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Web sites that had ROM files for download were forced by Apple to remove the files. There used to be good reasons for this, but in my opinion this is nowadays a silly legal relic. Still can't get OS installer to start. Hi, I've followed the instructions here, but when I start up SheepShaver. If I make a disc image and try from that, the OS 9 installer starts, but then tells me it will only install from an actual CD. Any advice on this? The CD itself appears fine when I see it in the Finder. Can you tell us the exact settings you use?

Best would be to paste here the content of the invisible file ". If you have a utility that can make invisible files visible in the Finder, you can open the file in TextEdit and copy its content. Or you can use Terminal to access the file. If you do not know how to access an invisible file, describe all settings in SheepShaverGUI, especially the settings in the 'Volumes' tab. Ronald P. Regensburg wrote: Can you tell us the exact settings you use?

You can use any extension for the disk image file you like. If you use. But I don't think this is related to your problem. I can't see anything wrong with your settings. It is a general 9. When you launch SheepShaver, the CD is ejected?

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Very strange. BTW: I do not know which version of SheepShaver you use, but the version that you can find in the sticky topic at the top of the SheepShaver forum solves a couple of problems with Intel Macs, though not specifically your problem, and the the second sticky topic offers a more Mac-like replacement for the GUI application.

I'm using a 9. I'm using the latest version of SS as found on the board. Here's where things are right now.

These copies could be read by the MacBook. Starting up SS started up the installer from the CD, but after loading the initial extensions, the installer quit with the message that it couldn't create a desktop folder on the startup disk or something to that effect and wanted to restart. I vaguely remember this problem from the past, and it having something to do with backups sometimes not working correctly I have a habit of backing up my install CDs and then using the backups--blame it on being brought up in the age of 5.

DU in I then ran the OS 9 installer from one of the images I had made earlier on the G4, and installed OS 9 onto the mounted disk image. I then copied that image back to the MacBook, made it the only volume listed in the preferences, changed the option to boot from any volume, then tried my luck. That luck was nil. SS still starts up with the flashing question mark icon, so the virtual PPC Mac still can't find a valid startup disk, even with the selected volume having OS 9.

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It's all a bit frustrating, especially since I'd have to hunt around in some boxes to try to find the original copy of the OS 9 installer, if the problem was in fact due to the backup I was using. Any ideas? The OS9 CD you tried first was already a copy itself? Maybe that is where your problem starts. The installation created on the G4 not working in SheepShaver is not surprising. MacOS9 cannot be copied easily between different machines as installations on different machines are usually not identical. The installation must be done in SheepShaver itself.

It should work, regardless on what kind of machine the installation was done, as long as the installation was done in SheepShaver. And it must be a general system installation CD. A system CD that was originally supplied with a new Mac will not work, it can only be used with the model it was supplied with. I've half solved my problem, I think.

That's as far as I've gotten, though. No crash dialog, SS just stops. I tried this with the control panel available through the Apple Menu from the booted CD, and also from the one in the System Folder of the HD, with the same results. And, yes, the booting option is set to "Any" in the preferences. Also, the CD is a general OS 9. Call me the King of Weird Problems. The Startup disk control panel is not functional in SheepShaver, trying to use it will crash SheepShaver. Disk Copy 6.

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